South Downs National Park Campaign

I was commissioned by the South Downs National Park Authority `SDNPA` recently to get images for their Autumn Campaign which is to get people out of cars and onto public transport and then walk or cycle the sites of South Downs. Took me from Eastbourne to Hampshire, It was a fantastic project and something I would love to work on with them again. These images are taken just as the colours are changing, but some spots I found are places I would love to go back to and really capture the rich colours when in the thick of Autumn.






Brighton Breeze 2013

A attended the annual London to Brighton run to Maderia Drive for Wolkswagen Camper Vans, always a great sight and every year it is packed from one end of the strip to the other.







Mart & Bekki Wedding

A good friend of mine asked me to photograph his wedding, I wish them the very best future and happiness together



Colours of London at Night

Headed to London with some friends to get some shots, photographic eye candy everywhere. I have been wanting to get the Iconic Red bus over Tower bridge shot and the Olympus OMD with its 5axis IBIS helped capture this without a tripod, making the composition much easier to do amoungst the crowds of people and tourists walking by. My next visit will be to visit the Shard, I am desperate for some more unique views of London I haven`t yet experienced.

All images are available for purchase as print or canvas at






Goodwood Festival of Speed 2013

I attended the Moving Motorshow this year at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, and had a fantastic time. It was nice to go on a quieter day where you could take everything in and just view all the cars without the overcrowding from the FOS weekend. It is crazy how much there is on show, but the whole event was so well layed out, and to top the day off with glorious weather made it a very memorable event.

Using mainly 85mm and 35mm Prime lenses, I went for more detail shots shown below




RTOC National Day 2013 Blyton

Every year the members of RTOC, Renault Turbo Owners Club get together for their national day which consists of blasting their cars around the track. This year I didnt take my 182 on track, so instead just socialised and snapped away in the scorching sun.





Itopia at the Old Market in Brighton

The Advanced Academy along with the Advanced Classes from Brighton and Bexhill have been collaborating with Theatre Workshop Tutors to devise a series of thought provoking pieces based  what they think the consequences are of the progression made in this 21st century world. I was asked to cover the event with a selection of images from this show shown below.

I have to say even though I was not fully sure what to expect, I was pleasently suprised in how good the show was. Quality of acting and singing was first class.



The Sussex Downs

What seems such a short spring this year and now supposedly into summer, a few images below are from a few days in June in Sussex




Yellow and Green

mix and match

Casting Shadows

green fields

Green Curves

green lands

Spring Trees

Theatre Workshop W.R.A.P. Photoshoot

I was asked by The Theatre Workshop to take some on-location photos of a group of students wanting to express their musicality in Brighton. Generally I try to make the most of natural light and for any dark areas  Yn622c`s triggering yn568ex flash units through an umbrella just to help with a fill light.  Being that it was an overcast day this acted in my favour as a giant softbox in the sky. It was a fun shoot aided by donuts and seagulls too.


WRAP Theatre Workshop_01 WRAP Theatre Workshop_02 WRAP Theatre Workshop_03 WRAP Theatre Workshop_04 WRAP Theatre Workshop_05 WRAP Theatre Workshop_06 WRAP Theatre Workshop_07 WRAP Theatre Workshop_08 WRAP Theatre Workshop_09 WRAP Theatre Workshop_10 WRAP Theatre Workshop_11 WRAP Theatre Workshop_12 WRAP Theatre Workshop_13 WRAP Theatre Workshop_14 WRAP Theatre Workshop_15 WRAP Theatre Workshop_17 WRAP Theatre Workshop_18 WRAP Theatre Workshop_19 WRAP Theatre Workshop_20 WRAP Theatre Workshop_21 WRAP Theatre Workshop_22 WRAP Theatre Workshop_23 WRAP Theatre Workshop_24 WRAP Theatre Workshop_25 WRAP Theatre Workshop_26 WRAP Theatre Workshop_27 WRAP Theatre Workshop_28

Birling Gap in Sussex

Sunday was an interesting day, only went up there really to go for a drive and have a look around, it was a windy, hazy and suprisingly cold day high up on Beachy Head. Drove down to Beachy Head as I havent been there for a few years, and by luck the sun was breaking through the clouds and tide was still out. I generally take my OMD everywhere and a spare tripod in the car just in case of catching something interesting and it worked out well this time. Fortunately I had my filters with me too, so some interesting long exposures were possible.

2 of the images I had cropped into a Panoramic and converted to mono because sometimes despite having lots of interesting colour in a photo, less can sometimes be more, and I think it shows well with the textures from the sky and rocks within the black and white images. Might be one for my Office wall!!

Thomas Egeler Model

Tom is a model requiring photos for his portfolio with Freshagencies in Brighton. Going with my more candid and natural approach we headed onto the hills by Rottingdean Windmill and snapped a few shots.







Portable Studio Baby Photos

I have photographed Harley before just after he was born, and this time its at around his first Birthday. He didnt want to play ball a year ago and it seemed he didnt want to play ball on this photoshoot, but of course made the best I could of the situation and still captured some nice shots. All taken using the Lastolite Highlight and 4 Yonguo Flash guns, 2 with softbox umbrellas and 2 inside the lastolite highlight. Still finding this setup so convenient and easy to use.




Huxley Building Science Lab

Behind the scenes photos for the feature film Dark Roar, the filming was taking place within a Science lab at the Huxley Building in Brighton.







Snow in London

I had to head up to London on Saturday and Sunday and it was the first time I had experienced snow whilst in London. Great fun, allowed for some interesting snaps.







St Clements Dane London RAF Church

I was comissioned to take photos of St Clements Dane for the 2013 RAF Charity Christmas card, Idealy catching a day when its snowing would be great, but seeing as the UK rarely has snow it was likely to be a bit of a task. I had until May to get the images taken, and luckly the end of Jan had forecast snowfall in most of Britain, so on the 20th Jan snow was expected all day. Suffering a bad injury on both my feet from 10 years ago, it was a bad day for me to go traveling let alone to actually walk anywhere, but I gathered my 5D, OMD and selection of lenses, booked my train ticket and limped my way to the Church. I`m glad I forced myself to go as there would have not been another opportunity like this whilst it was snowing heavy in London.


Forrest Light

A revisited photo which I hadn`t processed before. This is a good demonstration of how superb the Olympus OMD`s dynamic range is. Taken using the 9-18mm lens.

A bit Choppy at the Brighton Marina

Taken on Christmas day whilst heading into Brighton, always quite a sight when you see the waves crashing against the marina wall. This was taken with an Olympus OMD and 100-300mm lens. Took alot of photos and this one being one of my favourites


big wave brighton marina

Goodwood Revival 2012

I`m very late uploading this selection of shots from the Goodwood Revival in 2012, but this is the second time I have attended this event and I just love it. Again felt like going back into a timewarp and my selection of images from the day are shown below…






Lifecoach Kate Hayden

Kate Hayden is a personal trainer / life coach, and required stock images to use as promotional material for her website and flyers. The plan was to get photos whilst Kate was training clients, thus being in the enviroment she was most comfortable in outside, and on location.







Behind the Scenes Vodaphone Shoot

I was commisioned to take behind the scenes photos of an advert being created for Vodaphone. Fortunately it was non speaking parts so as I dont have a Blimp at hand shutter noises were not an issue. Using a mix of the 70-200 f2.8, Sigma 85mm F1.4 and OMD with a 9-18mm lens over the 2 days I managed to capture a varied selection of images to use. A very small selection can be seen on this post.





New York New York 2012

Recently took a trip to New York with my girlfriend and the sites, sounds and hectic New York life is certainly an experience in itself. A Selection of images from this trip are shown below. Using mainly the Canon 5D with an 85mm F1.4 prime, and the trusty Olymps OMD.







Brighton Speed Trials 2012

September the 8th was the return of the 2012 Brighton Speed Trials. An event which has been going on since 1905 and always a enjoyable motorsporting event to attend.

I spend the morning trying to capture a pan shot of every vehicle that ran up the quater mile, then in the afternoon a few shots at diffferent angles.

The 70-200 with a Polarizer was used for the whole day, and a selection of the days photos are shown below

Brighton Speed Trials 2012

Long Exposure of the Lake

In the early evening after a Behind the Scenes photoshoot I decided to try a long exposure of the Lake at Lakewood as the clouds were looking dramatic.

Using the Olympus OMD EM5 and 9-18mm Lens with a Hitech 10 Stop Po filter attached, I managed a 20 second exposure and to give it a more dramatic feel I converted the image to Black and White resulting in the below scene.

Image available for Purchase on

Deer in Knole Park

Knole Park has 1000 acres of Parkland, with Deer roaming all over and makes for plenty of photo opportunities.

Using the 5D with a 70-200 F2.8 lens, and Olympus OMD with a 45-200mm lens (and Tesco Value Carrots) gave me the range to easily capture images of the Deer.

Last time I was at the Park was last October at Sunrise, I plan to return here again soon at Sunrise as the light is incredible, espcially if its a slightly crisp morning with mist lingering around.

Knole Park Deer

Sunny Evening at Beachy Head in Sussex

Making the most of our 2 days of sun this summer, and after a scorching day, I decided when it had cooled down and the light was at its best to pop over to Beachy head and take a few shots.

I took the Olympus OMD with 3 lenses due to it being so compact for traveling about and again… it carrys on to impress. Fantastic little camera and this was a good test of dynamic range which it excelled.


Goodwood Festival of Speed 2012

I attended the Goodwoof Festival of Speed 2012 with my father on the Saturday of the FOS weekend. First time I`ve been for many years but decided to leave all the DSLR gear at home and just take the OMD and GF1 as they great travel light companions…

The Olympus OMD M5 is such a fantastic bit of kit, and I had no regrets from not having my 5D at hand as that is just too bulky to carry around to an Event which is crazy busy.

The only downfall was the battery died by the afternoon so I had to use the trusty GF1 as the backup, which without an EVF is a little tricky to use in bright sunlight, but still produced some great shots.

The use of Panasonic 45-200, Olympus 45mm F1.8 and Panasonic 20mm F1.7 were the lenses used for the whole day.

Andy Black Photoshoot In Ashdown Forrest

I was asked to do a photoshoot for musician Andy Black (SLIM) for his upcoming album release, the photos would be required for promo and album cover artwork for his soon to be released Album “Gallows Tree Tails”

Andy is a fan of my landscape work and wanted to have photos taken of him wearing a Top Hat and Tails within a typical Sussex enviroment. Being that rain was on the menu for pretty much most of June, we had to make use of the first nice evening and what a great evening it turned out to be!!

Ashdown forrest being my top choice, with for one it is a haunt of mine where I take alot of Landscape photos, and also there endless backdrops to use for the photoshoot required.

Being that the title of the Album is called Gallows Tree Tails, a requirement would be to use a tree that is sitting on its own in a field somewhere. Fortunately this was easy to find, and heading towards the Golden Hour we headed into Ashdown Forrest to get snapping.


James Lambeth Muscian

James Lambeth is a musician from the group…. James needed some shots for promotion and being based in Brighton, what better place than the bandstand and beach on such a gorgeous evening.

Deciding to use natural light, I just made use of a reflector to give the fill light, and the use of both 24-105 and 70-200 lenses.


Yellow Rape Seed Fields of Sussex

Its that time of year again for the mass of Yellow fields appearing. One that caught my eye is in Falmer and I finaly popped over to grab a few shots.

Deciding to leave the DSLR at home and take the trusty GX1 Micro Four Thirds camera out for another bout of shooting was probably a good choice.

One of the shots I wanted to get was a flatter field of view of the rape seeds, and for this I held the tripod so the camera was about 10ft in the air, and with being able to see the LCD from the live view this made it easier to compose the shot I wanted. A remote cable was attached to the camera to allow for the shutter actuation and I then snapped away.

The Micro Four Thirds cameras and their excellent range of lenses is really proving that this format is definately here to stay. A DSLR could never be replaced with this format, as certain aspects of photography work the DSLR is the only tool to use, but im finding for some landscape work and hard to get too places, a small high quality camera is a great bit of kit to have with you.

Harley at 10 Weeks Old

I was recently asked to photograph a 10 week old baby which is a little out ofy my comfort zone, but due to Harley not wanting to play ball for most of the shoot, I`m very pleased with the outcome.

These photos were shot with a Lastolite Highlight background to blow out any shadows behind the subject and the use of umbrella softboxes with flash guns.

Brighton Marathon 2012

I attended the Brighton Marathon 2012, here is my selection of photographs from this event

Brighton Marathon 2012

Various runners from the Brighton Marathon 2012

Cold and Crisp in the Sussex Woodland lakewood

With the very wintery weather we have had recently I headed out to Ashdown Forrest to see what I could photograph. A lake nearby gave a nice location for some scenic shots.

I had intended to use my Timelapse Dolly for the first time, but due to an injury it was hard enough just trying to walk with one camera!!!

Brighton Bandstand at night

I briefly headed into Brighton to take a photo of the bandstand with its lights on, not really the best time of day to take this as idealy it should be blue or golden hour, but I wanted to try a bit of HDR on the lighting.

I have been playing around with some new software called HDR Machinery which I liked alot and processed this image with that software.

Im very happy with the outcome and can definately see myself producing alot more HDR work over the coming months.


The GX1 goes to London

I took a trip to London with the Mrs to see some of the sites, and decided to leave the 5D at home and really test out the GX1, accompanied with 4 lenses and a Joby Tripod.

I wanted to give the camera a real test being that it would be a hectic day and not much time for composition, the camera needed to work fast and produce decent images at high iso, and it succeeded.



Hove Bench Shelter

After annoyingly missing the Burning of the Clocks, and finding the band stand had no lights on. I decided to have a wander about and try some random Fisheye shots. I`m loving this lens as it brings a completely different perspective on what I`m used too. Means for great experimentation and wild captures.

I was hoping there would be a drunk asleep on the bench which would have enhanced the composition, but I may return and try this shot again at Blue hour.

Prints of these images are avaiable to purchase at


The Brighton Bandstand & Wheel

I headed into Brighton briefly to get a fisheye shot of the Brighton Bandstand and Brighton Wheel with the Samyang 7.5mm Lens. Being that it was a dull day, I choose to go down the Black and White route.

I think I will return to both spots again with a tripod at Blue and Golden hour and get a longer exposure in colour using the Fisheye lens. Gives a slightly different take on very much cliche shots.

Prints of these images are avaiable to purchase at


Panasonic GX1 in Ashdown Forrest

I`ve now upgraded the GF1 to the GX1 from Panasonic, the latest Micro Four Third offering. Took it to Ashdown Forrest to give it a little test and so far its a big step up from the GF1 in terms of IQ and speed.

Looking forward to testing it with scenes I would normaly only be happy taking with the 5D as high iso was a weak point on the Micro 4/3rds cameras, but the GX1 pretty much blows the GF1 out of the water in this aspect which for me is like a area. At the moment there are just a few images from Ashdown forrest, but I shall be testing out the High Iso capabilities of this camera over the coming weeks.

I also have a 52-77mm Step-up ring which can be used on the 14-45mm lens, allowing the use of the Heliopan Vari ND and Hitek 10stop pro filter.

Seven Sisters East Sussex

A windy, cold, rainy Sunday, usually a good opportunity to stay home by the fire, watching some cheesy B movie about the end of the world. Not for me today, I wanted to head to Cookmere Haven and get a long daytime exposure of the Seven Sisters. A spot ive been too a couple of times before, but never when its windy and with an attempt to get a long exposure in the day.

Being on the edge of a cliff with no barriers and alot of wind probably isnt the most sensible idea in the world, but sometimes to get the shot you want you have to goto these extremes and Im really pleased with the outcome. Its a 60 Second Exposure using the Hiteck 10 Stop Pro Filter.


Brighton Wheel from the Pier

Heading back from seeing a client, I quickly popped onto the pier to snap a couple of shots of the Wheel and the waters edge. Wish I had my big stopper as this would have worked brilliant for these shots

Splash Time in Brighton

Checking my World Tides 2011 app on the Iphone, it was high tide in Brighton and being that it was a windy day too I wanted to try and get a few shots of the waves crashing against the Getty next to Brighton Pier.

Being that most kids were off school today, quite a few were playing dodge the splash (very unsucessfuly!!). This gave a great opportunity to get an action shot of kids running away just as a big wave hit the getty.

I`m a little annoyed I didnt have my reverse grad NDfilter to hand as it would have helped exposed the sun correctly, but never the less im pleased with the final images.

Prints of these images are avaiable to purchase at


A View from Brighton Wheel

Finaly got to have a go on the Brighton Wheel. Its £8 a pop, but I think its worth it considering I`ve lived in Brighton all my life and got to see a spectacular view of the City and Pier I`d never seen before.

I wasnt sure how it worked with regards to the amount of time you get on there and how many spins you get before getting off, but basically they fill all the capsules (which gives a bit of time to compose a shot ;)), then it spins 3 times. The experience lasts about 15minutes.

I timed it just as the sun had set to get the best colours and the trusty GF1 did me proud as I managed a lovely top down shot of the Pier with its lights on.

Experiencing the Brighton Wheel once is probably enough for most people, but I would go again mainly for the photographic aspect of it, and I`m hoping the next time I go on will be when its snowing :D.


Prints of these images are avaiable to purchase at


My first shots of the Brighton Wheel

With the Brighton Wheel or eye now up and running, it was finaly time to pop down and get a few shots. I imagine this is going to be a huge photo spot aswell as tourist spot over the coming months/years.

Using a Canon 5D and 24-105mm lens, with a Heliopan Vari ND filter I was able to slow down the shutter to around 30seconds a shot and get some long exposure captures.

Prints of these images are avaiable to purchase at


Knole Park Early Morning Deer

I ventured out before sunrise to meet up with fellow photographers at Knole Park to photograph some deer. First time ive been to Knole Park and the Deer are literaly everywhere!!!

Prints of these images are avaiable to purchase at



Actor Nick Schofield head shots

Actor Nick Schofield wanted me to shoot a heatshot for his spotlight page and to just use Natural light. All poses had to be the same looking directly into the lens, so I tried placing Nick in different places to give different shadowing effects from the sun. This gave him more options to what would be most suitable for his spotlight page.

Estapona Spain

Recently I returned from a week in Estapona Spain. A few photos are shown here from this trip. Including a view of a foggy Morroco from the Gibraltar rock and of course the apes. Visiting Puerto Banus was certainly an experience where the minted cruise in their Ferrari`s, Lambo`s, Bentlys etc past the seafront bars and restaurants.

Clio 197 Strobe Test

A test using some strobes on my friends Clio 197. Heading to Newhaven Harbour and after the sun had set, the sky was giving out a nice glow and the clouds were scattered adding to the scene.

Stamma Park Sussex

Making the most of the UK Weather, I headed off too Stamma Park in Brighton for some fun in the snow with the family.