Snow in London

I had to head up to London on Saturday and Sunday and it was the first time I had experienced snow whilst in London. Great fun, allowed for some interesting snaps.







St Clements Dane London RAF Church

I was comissioned to take photos of St Clements Dane for the 2013 RAF Charity Christmas card, Idealy catching a day when its snowing would be great, but seeing as the UK rarely has snow it was likely to be a bit of a task. I had until May to get the images taken, and luckly the end of Jan had forecast snowfall in most of Britain, so on the 20th Jan snow was expected all day. Suffering a bad injury on both my feet from 10 years ago, it was a bad day for me to go traveling let alone to actually walk anywhere, but I gathered my 5D, OMD and selection of lenses, booked my train ticket and limped my way to the Church. I`m glad I forced myself to go as there would have not been another opportunity like this whilst it was snowing heavy in London.


Forrest Light

A revisited photo which I hadn`t processed before. This is a good demonstration of how superb the Olympus OMD`s dynamic range is. Taken using the 9-18mm lens.

A bit Choppy at the Brighton Marina

Taken on Christmas day whilst heading into Brighton, always quite a sight when you see the waves crashing against the marina wall. This was taken with an Olympus OMD and 100-300mm lens. Took alot of photos and this one being one of my favourites


big wave brighton marina