The GX1 goes to London

I took a trip to London with the Mrs to see some of the sites, and decided to leave the 5D at home and really test out the GX1, accompanied with 4 lenses and a Joby Tripod.

I wanted to give the camera a real test being that it would be a hectic day and not much time for composition, the camera needed to work fast and produce decent images at high iso, and it succeeded.



Hove Bench Shelter

After annoyingly missing the Burning of the Clocks, and finding the band stand had no lights on. I decided to have a wander about and try some random Fisheye shots. I`m loving this lens as it brings a completely different perspective on what I`m used too. Means for great experimentation and wild captures.

I was hoping there would be a drunk asleep on the bench which would have enhanced the composition, but I may return and try this shot again at Blue hour.

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The Brighton Bandstand & Wheel

I headed into Brighton briefly to get a fisheye shot of the Brighton Bandstand and Brighton Wheel with the Samyang 7.5mm Lens. Being that it was a dull day, I choose to go down the Black and White route.

I think I will return to both spots again with a tripod at Blue and Golden hour and get a longer exposure in colour using the Fisheye lens. Gives a slightly different take on very much cliche shots.

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Panasonic GX1 in Ashdown Forrest

I`ve now upgraded the GF1 to the GX1 from Panasonic, the latest Micro Four Third offering. Took it to Ashdown Forrest to give it a little test and so far its a big step up from the GF1 in terms of IQ and speed.

Looking forward to testing it with scenes I would normaly only be happy taking with the 5D as high iso was a weak point on the Micro 4/3rds cameras, but the GX1 pretty much blows the GF1 out of the water in this aspect which for me is like a area. At the moment there are just a few images from Ashdown forrest, but I shall be testing out the High Iso capabilities of this camera over the coming weeks.

I also have a 52-77mm Step-up ring which can be used on the 14-45mm lens, allowing the use of the Heliopan Vari ND and Hitek 10stop pro filter.

Seven Sisters East Sussex

A windy, cold, rainy Sunday, usually a good opportunity to stay home by the fire, watching some cheesy B movie about the end of the world. Not for me today, I wanted to head to Cookmere Haven and get a long daytime exposure of the Seven Sisters. A spot ive been too a couple of times before, but never when its windy and with an attempt to get a long exposure in the day.

Being on the edge of a cliff with no barriers and alot of wind probably isnt the most sensible idea in the world, but sometimes to get the shot you want you have to goto these extremes and Im really pleased with the outcome. Its a 60 Second Exposure using the Hiteck 10 Stop Pro Filter.


West Pier before the fire and Fat Boy Slim 2002

Found some old photos from 2002 of the West Pier before it caught fire. Also a photo from the first Fat boy Slim Brighton concert, with the West Pier in the background. That was a crazy but epic day.

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Brighton Wheel from the Pier

Heading back from seeing a client, I quickly popped onto the pier to snap a couple of shots of the Wheel and the waters edge. Wish I had my big stopper as this would have worked brilliant for these shots