Photographic Services

I am a freelance photographer from the South of England working in many fields such as Landscape, Events, Automotive, Weddings, Behind the Scenes and Property Photography. Being a versatile photographer with vast experience in all fields allows me to understand my surroundings and adapt to any situation to get the best images possible, whether it be, outside, inside or at night. I am massively passionate about my photography, and every project I put 100% into, to provide the client with the best possible images I can. Turnaround is very quick and I can usually get a set of images back to you within 24hours, with all images professionally processed and licensed to you to use as you please.

Aerial Filming & Photography

Sussex based Aerial photography and filming covering anything from Promotional videos to Weddings. BNUC-S Qualified and CAA Accredited to take on Aerial work. Costs for this are generally

£350 a day for a single operator (filming and Photos included)
£175 just for photos

Please note that it is not as simple as turning up and flying, certain protocols have to be followed before any flight can take place. For more details please visit my sister site 

Post Processing and Licensing

All images are professionaly edited and licensed to you. You are completely free to use them as you please. I do not charge extra for post processing work so any quotes given always include this within the price.

If you are interested in any of my services please feel free to contact me on 07950 802 456 or by using the Contact Form

Commercial Licensing

 Please contact me for commericial licensing pricing and options