British Airways i360 Aerial Photos

I was asked by the British Airways i360 PR team to capture some aerial photos of the i360 once the jacking tower had been removed. After getting permission to take off and land on the beach I headed down early one morning when the light was looking fantastic to capture some images.

i360 i360c i360h i360i i360l

West Pier Aerial Photos

On a couple of warm mornings towards to the end of the summer I created a short tribute Aerial film on the West Pier in Brighton, I also captured some images whilst up in the air which can be seen below…

The West Pier Aerial 2

The West Pier Aerial


Dji Inspire 1 photos

Was up incredibly early this morning, not really ideal but heading towards summer sunrise is just getting earlier and earlier, but it is a time I like to go out, for one being the best light, and secondly practise flying my multi-rotor its nice and quiet with no one around so have total peace of mind to just get the hours in without any members of public showing interest.

Just adding this blog post because despite the limitations of the Inspire camera, I am actually very very happy with the results it produces. To really get the full dynamic range its advisable to use the 3 or 5 multi exposure shot, but I do find 3 has been more than enough to capture the detail. I generally use a very subtle blending in photomatrix to combine the images and with how incredibly stable the inspire one is in flight, its almost like having a tripod in the sky. Never had any alignment issues at all.

So a few images below taking from the Inspire 1…

Dji Inspire One Dji Inspire One Dji Inspire One Dji Inspire One Dji Inspire One Dji Inspire One Dji Inspire One Dji Inspire One