2 Models and a Jaguar XJS Monaco

Was in Brighton today doing a shoot for promotional material for a movie flyer which is being taken to Cannes this weekend. Initially a Jenson Interceptor was to be the original choice for this, but getting the car was another story. As the movie is based around an exentric inventor I guess the XJS with its Monaco bodykit (aparently only 1 out of 10 out on the road right now) was quite fitting. The Car will be a main feature throughout the movie.

5D3L0958 5D3L0972 5D3L1013 5D3L1044

5D3L1133 5D3L1068

Mart & Bekki Wedding

A good friend of mine asked me to photograph his wedding, I wish them the very best future and happiness together



Theatre Workshop W.R.A.P. Photoshoot

I was asked by The Theatre Workshop to take some on-location photos of a group of students wanting to express their musicality in Brighton. Generally I try to make the most of natural light and for any dark areas  Yn622c`s triggering yn568ex flash units through an umbrella just to help with a fill light.  Being that it was an overcast day this acted in my favour as a giant softbox in the sky. It was a fun shoot aided by donuts and seagulls too.


WRAP Theatre Workshop_01 WRAP Theatre Workshop_02 WRAP Theatre Workshop_03 WRAP Theatre Workshop_04 WRAP Theatre Workshop_05 WRAP Theatre Workshop_06 WRAP Theatre Workshop_07 WRAP Theatre Workshop_08 WRAP Theatre Workshop_09 WRAP Theatre Workshop_10 WRAP Theatre Workshop_11 WRAP Theatre Workshop_12 WRAP Theatre Workshop_13 WRAP Theatre Workshop_14 WRAP Theatre Workshop_15 WRAP Theatre Workshop_17 WRAP Theatre Workshop_18 WRAP Theatre Workshop_19 WRAP Theatre Workshop_20 WRAP Theatre Workshop_21 WRAP Theatre Workshop_22 WRAP Theatre Workshop_23 WRAP Theatre Workshop_24 WRAP Theatre Workshop_25 WRAP Theatre Workshop_26 WRAP Theatre Workshop_27 WRAP Theatre Workshop_28

Thomas Egeler Model

Tom is a model requiring photos for his portfolio with Freshagencies in Brighton. Going with my more candid and natural approach we headed onto the hills by Rottingdean Windmill and snapped a few shots.







Portable Studio Baby Photos

I have photographed Harley before just after he was born, and this time its at around his first Birthday. He didnt want to play ball a year ago and it seemed he didnt want to play ball on this photoshoot, but of course made the best I could of the situation and still captured some nice shots. All taken using the Lastolite Highlight and 4 Yonguo Flash guns, 2 with softbox umbrellas and 2 inside the lastolite highlight. Still finding this setup so convenient and easy to use.




Snow in London

I had to head up to London on Saturday and Sunday and it was the first time I had experienced snow whilst in London. Great fun, allowed for some interesting snaps.







Lifecoach Kate Hayden

Kate Hayden is a personal trainer / life coach, and required stock images to use as promotional material for her website and flyers. The plan was to get photos whilst Kate was training clients, thus being in the enviroment she was most comfortable in outside, and on location.







Behind the Scenes Vodaphone Shoot

I was commisioned to take behind the scenes photos of an advert being created for Vodaphone. Fortunately it was non speaking parts so as I dont have a Blimp at hand shutter noises were not an issue. Using a mix of the 70-200 f2.8, Sigma 85mm F1.4 and OMD with a 9-18mm lens over the 2 days I managed to capture a varied selection of images to use. A very small selection can be seen on this post.





Andy Black Photoshoot In Ashdown Forrest

I was asked to do a photoshoot for musician Andy Black (SLIM) for his upcoming album release, the photos would be required for promo and album cover artwork for his soon to be released Album “Gallows Tree Tails”

Andy is a fan of my landscape work and wanted to have photos taken of him wearing a Top Hat and Tails within a typical Sussex enviroment. Being that rain was on the menu for pretty much most of June, we had to make use of the first nice evening and what a great evening it turned out to be!!

Ashdown forrest being my top choice, with for one it is a haunt of mine where I take alot of Landscape photos, and also there endless backdrops to use for the photoshoot required.

Being that the title of the Album is called Gallows Tree Tails, a requirement would be to use a tree that is sitting on its own in a field somewhere. Fortunately this was easy to find, and heading towards the Golden Hour we headed into Ashdown Forrest to get snapping.


James Lambeth Muscian

James Lambeth is a musician from the group http://www.samsarauk.com…. James needed some shots for promotion and being based in Brighton, what better place than the bandstand and beach on such a gorgeous evening.

Deciding to use natural light, I just made use of a reflector to give the fill light, and the use of both 24-105 and 70-200 lenses.


Harley at 10 Weeks Old

I was recently asked to photograph a 10 week old baby which is a little out ofy my comfort zone, but due to Harley not wanting to play ball for most of the shoot, I`m very pleased with the outcome.

These photos were shot with a Lastolite Highlight background to blow out any shadows behind the subject and the use of umbrella softboxes with flash guns.

Brighton Marathon 2012

I attended the Brighton Marathon 2012, here is my selection of photographs from this event

Brighton Marathon 2012

Various runners from the Brighton Marathon 2012

Actor Nick Schofield head shots

Actor Nick Schofield wanted me to shoot a heatshot for his spotlight page and to just use Natural light. All poses had to be the same looking directly into the lens, so I tried placing Nick in different places to give different shadowing effects from the sun. This gave him more options to what would be most suitable for his spotlight page.