Panasonic GX1 in Ashdown Forrest

I`ve now upgraded the GF1 to the GX1 from Panasonic, the latest Micro Four Third offering. Took it to Ashdown Forrest to give it a little test and so far its a big step up from the GF1 in terms of IQ and speed.

Looking forward to testing it with scenes I would normaly only be happy taking with the 5D as high iso was a weak point on the Micro 4/3rds cameras, but the GX1 pretty much blows the GF1 out of the water in this aspect which for me is like a area. At the moment there are just a few images from Ashdown forrest, but I shall be testing out the High Iso capabilities of this camera over the coming weeks.

I also have a 52-77mm Step-up ring which can be used on the 14-45mm lens, allowing the use of the Heliopan Vari ND and Hitek 10stop pro filter.

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