Andy Black Photoshoot In Ashdown Forrest

I was asked to do a photoshoot for musician Andy Black (SLIM) for his upcoming album release, the photos would be required for promo and album cover artwork for his soon to be released Album “Gallows Tree Tails”

Andy is a fan of my landscape work and wanted to have photos taken of him wearing a Top Hat and Tails within a typical Sussex enviroment. Being that rain was on the menu for pretty much most of June, we had to make use of the first nice evening and what a great evening it turned out to be!!

Ashdown forrest being my top choice, with for one it is a haunt of mine where I take alot of Landscape photos, and also there endless backdrops to use for the photoshoot required.

Being that the title of the Album is called Gallows Tree Tails, a requirement would be to use a tree that is sitting on its own in a field somewhere. Fortunately this was easy to find, and heading towards the Golden Hour we headed into Ashdown Forrest to get snapping.


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