Yellow Rape Seed Fields of Sussex

Its that time of year again for the mass of Yellow fields appearing. One that caught my eye is in Falmer and I finaly popped over to grab a few shots.

Deciding to leave the DSLR at home and take the trusty GX1 Micro Four Thirds camera out for another bout of shooting was probably a good choice.

One of the shots I wanted to get was a flatter field of view of the rape seeds, and for this I held the tripod so the camera was about 10ft in the air, and with being able to see the LCD from the live view this made it easier to compose the shot I wanted. A remote cable was attached to the camera to allow for the shutter actuation and I then snapped away.

The Micro Four Thirds cameras and their excellent range of lenses is really proving that this format is definately here to stay. A DSLR could never be replaced with this format, as certain aspects of photography work the DSLR is the only tool to use, but im finding for some landscape work and hard to get too places, a small high quality camera is a great bit of kit to have with you.

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