A View from Brighton Wheel

Finaly got to have a go on the Brighton Wheel. Its £8 a pop, but I think its worth it considering I`ve lived in Brighton all my life and got to see a spectacular view of the City and Pier I`d never seen before.

I wasnt sure how it worked with regards to the amount of time you get on there and how many spins you get before getting off, but basically they fill all the capsules (which gives a bit of time to compose a shot ;)), then it spins 3 times. The experience lasts about 15minutes.

I timed it just as the sun had set to get the best colours and the trusty GF1 did me proud as I managed a lovely top down shot of the Pier with its lights on.

Experiencing the Brighton Wheel once is probably enough for most people, but I would go again mainly for the photographic aspect of it, and I`m hoping the next time I go on will be when its snowing :D.


Prints of these images are avaiable to purchase at www.sussexscenes.co.uk


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