Birling Gap in Sussex

Sunday was an interesting day, only went up there really to go for a drive and have a look around, it was a windy, hazy and suprisingly cold day high up on Beachy Head. Drove down to Beachy Head as I havent been there for a few years, and by luck the sun was breaking through the clouds and tide was still out. I generally take my OMD everywhere and a spare tripod in the car just in case of catching something interesting and it worked out well this time. Fortunately I had my filters with me too, so some interesting long exposures were possible.

2 of the images I had cropped into a Panoramic and converted to mono because sometimes despite having lots of interesting colour in a photo, less can sometimes be more, and I think it shows well with the textures from the sky and rocks within the black and white images. Might be one for my Office wall!!