Dolby Atmos Empire and A7r

Empire London Dolby Atmos Impace (1)

Ok not a photo project but I love my films and I love to watch a film in a decent cinema. I had my first experience of the new Dolby Atmos format in the London Empire Impact screen and what an experience this was. Only a couple of weeks old, you could smell the fresh new carpet still. Lovely comfortable rocking seats, and a sound system which is simply breath taking.

So on the note of photography, I had my A7r and 40mm Hexanon f1.8 lens with me, so not a wide field of view (wish I did have the 14mm now), but a few images below of the cinema

Empire London Dolby Atmos Impace (1) Empire London Dolby Atmos Impace (1) Empire London Dolby Atmos Impace (1)


impact empireA snap from a Samsung note 2

Brighton Breeze 2013

A attended the annual London to Brighton run to Maderia Drive for Wolkswagen Camper Vans, always a great sight and every year it is packed from one end of the strip to the other.







Mart & Bekki Wedding

A good friend of mine asked me to photograph his wedding, I wish them the very best future and happiness together



Goodwood Festival of Speed 2013

I attended the Moving Motorshow this year at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, and had a fantastic time. It was nice to go on a quieter day where you could take everything in and just view all the cars without the overcrowding from the FOS weekend. It is crazy how much there is on show, but the whole event was so well layed out, and to top the day off with glorious weather made it a very memorable event.

Using mainly 85mm and 35mm Prime lenses, I went for more detail shots shown below




Itopia at the Old Market in Brighton

The Advanced Academy along with the Advanced Classes from Brighton and Bexhill have been collaborating with Theatre Workshop Tutors to devise a series of thought provoking pieces based  what they think the consequences are of the progression made in this 21st century world. I was asked to cover the event with a selection of images from this show shown below.

I have to say even though I was not fully sure what to expect, I was pleasently suprised in how good the show was. Quality of acting and singing was first class.



Goodwood Festival of Speed 2012

I attended the Goodwoof Festival of Speed 2012 with my father on the Saturday of the FOS weekend. First time I`ve been for many years but decided to leave all the DSLR gear at home and just take the OMD and GF1 as they great travel light companions…

The Olympus OMD M5 is such a fantastic bit of kit, and I had no regrets from not having my 5D at hand as that is just too bulky to carry around to an Event which is crazy busy.

The only downfall was the battery died by the afternoon so I had to use the trusty GF1 as the backup, which without an EVF is a little tricky to use in bright sunlight, but still produced some great shots.

The use of Panasonic 45-200, Olympus 45mm F1.8 and Panasonic 20mm F1.7 were the lenses used for the whole day.

National Day 2006

I was asked to cover the RTOC National day event for the magazine Performance GTi. Consisting of showcars, track action and general event photo coverage.

Snetterton Track Day

I attended a track day with the Renault Turbo Owners Club to capture shots throughout the day.

Brighton Scooter Run 2003

The annual Londong to Brighton Scooter run, i hitched a ride on my brothers scooter to capture some shots of the scooters heading into Brighton. The town was absolutely rammed with scooters and bikes.