Digital photography (or how I would class it back then) first came about for me back in the 90`s when I had a commodore Amiga and was interested in “Digitizing”. This was a capture device that could grab images from a Video Recorder or Camcorder and display them on the  computer screen, not strictly the same as using a Digital Camera but the concept is the same, and then I could print the images with a Dot Matrix printer!! results were interesting but generally quite poor. This form of Artwork was used for my GCSE coursework in Art and Design as at the time, was different and interesting according to my art teacher, not knowing it would be the future of photography.

After this I became interested in photography in general and had a Canon SLR with a 50 mm f1.8 FD Lens at my posession. Took a course in photography at 6th form college and learnt many techniques including developing my own photos in a Darkroom (and now remembering the stench of the developing chemicals).

It wasn`t until the late 90`s that my interest in Digital Photography came about again. My first Digital Camera was a Kodak DC200+ which I bought in 1999, and despite its incredibly limited (in everything) it was still fun experimenting and constantly snapping away, being able to see the image instantly on the back of the screen was amazing!!!

I then moved to a Kodak DC240 in 2000 which was 2 megapixel and had a 2x zoom lens!! obviously by today standards it was horrible, but back then it was great fun. I had my first publication with this camera in the magazine Digital Photo User. In 2002 I moved onto a Fuji 6900z, this had 6x optical zoom and a 3 megapixel sensor and produced much cleaner images than that was capable on the Kodak. Also better quality night images, and a built in EVF display which was a bit of the low side in terms of resolution, but worked very well. I bought a telephoto and wide angle adaptor for this camera which worked reasonably well.

In 2003  I moved onto the Fuji 602z which was very similar to the 6900z, but had a better EVF display, cleaner high ISO, and could record at 30fps at 640 x 480. It produced some lovely photos, and images that are still popular with customers today.

In 2004 I finaly made the plunge into the world of DSLR, the first DSLR to break the £1000 barrier was the Digital Rebel (or 300D), I bought this with the 18-55mm Kit Lens, and the step up from the 602z to this was huge!!!. The control and image quality from this camera was fantastic. Over the following years various cameras and lenses were purchased including the Canon 20D, Canon 40D and finaly to the Canon 5D3 which has a full frame 35mm Sensor and complete with a nice selection of (forever changing) high end glass.

I also use an Olympus OMD M5 mk2 s which is my take everywhere camera, and being that it is a micro 4/3rd camera the sensor is of a decent size and can produce images that dont look out of place next to the Canon 5Dii. It really is that good!!! It is now becoming a permanent fixture for landscape and travel photography.

My main passion has always been Landscape photography, I love to head out somewhere to get away from everyday life, and just wait for the right moment to capture the shot, but I do feel I am a very versatile photographer always open to learning new techniques and understanding light. I have worked in many fields including Event, commercial, product, film sets, weddings and automotive, with many images featured in magazines and promotional material. I try to emphasize as best I can in the photograph what I am seeing whether it is an image with motion in a busy city lifestyle, to the shapes and colours of a stunning landscape.

In 2015 I gained my accreditation with the CAA to operate a drone/UAV commercially, allowing me to capture images at any vantage point.

This website is a showcase of my work which is constantly being updated.